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Media Blog Reflection

Media Blog Reflection
At the beginning when we started this unit I thought of these media blogs as just another assignment I have to do. As time passed by I started to get more interest and it was. way to express my thoughts and opinions. Now I have become more aware of the techniques that advertisers use when they attempt to convince their consumers to buy whatever it is that they are selling. Every time I come across an ad I can't help myself but to take a step back and think what these advertisers actual intentions are. They try to convince us that buying their product will fit into society. The media manipulates us into thinking that we need to buy their products. Besides learning the techniques that advertisers use to get you to buy their product I've also learned how media can be evil. The media is like a puppet controller and the consumers are the puppets. We constantly get fooled by the media on who were supposed to be. They don't exactly state it but their message …

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